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Medical Tourism

Project Introduction:

CARTISTEM treatment is available in Korea at more than 330 hospitals and clinics at the moment. The fastest option to make the product available to the OA patients in China is to bring the patients to Korea for treatment. Orlife already designed a full process of the medical tourism for Chinese patients seeking treatment. A company of Medipost Meditour was established in Korea as a fully owned subsidiary of Medipost for patient logistics and care when they arrive in Korea for the treatment. Alliance hospitals were selected in Korea who will be responsible for treatment of the Chinese patients. Medipost as a developer, product registration holder and manufacturer of CARITISTEM is at the center of the service, Medipost Meditour, an affiliate of Medipost, is registered and certified company by Korean government for foreign patient recruitment with insurance protection to cover any potential medical accident. Alliance hospitals in Korea were selected based on their product experience and excellence in medical expertise. Any dispute between patients and hospitals will be mediated and cared by Orlife in China and Medipost Meditour in Korea. Product liability and medical accident insurance are being covered by Medipost and Medipost Meditour.

Cooperative Hospital:Seoul JS Hospital, The Dream Hospital, Himchan Hospital

  • Seoul JS Hospital
  • The Dream Hospital
  • Himchan Hospital


Service Process