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Medical Tourism
  • Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone
  • Beidaihe National Life Health Industry Innovation Zone
  • Shangrao International Medical Tourism Zone

Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone is a world-leading green city project which integrates medical services, wellness, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, rehabilitation, senior care, and tourism in an area dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection.? The project is an initiative of Hainan People’s Government and its goal is to become a world-class medical and wellness destination before the end of this decade.?

The pilot zone offers international investors a number of preferential policies including:

? (1)Fast-track approval for new drugs, technology and medical devices.
? (2)Extending up to three years the time foreign physicians are allowed to practice medicine.
? (3)Allowing 100% foreign direct investment and ownership in hospitals.
? (4)Reduction of tariffs on certain medical devices and equipment. 

Beidaihe national life health industry innovation zone will insist on innovation drive, take advantage of ecology, location, culture?and make itself become an?international health city and the healing vacation area.

Policies approved for?the zone including:

Registration and approval process for imported medical equipment and medicine shall be streamlined. Imported medicine licensed abroad but not in China are eligible for special registration approval under the regulations for registration of new medicine. Small amount of medicine urgent for clinical use are allowed to be used in designated institutions for designated treatment purpose upon the permission from the drug regulatory department under the State Council by relevant laws and rules.

Shangrao international medical tourism zone?is approved by the Jiangxi province?government and is currently applying for the national medical tourism leading area. The city will focus on the stem cell technology.?Relying on the ecological resources, tourism resources and location advantages to build well-known medical tourism zone?and leisure holiday brands at home and abroad. The city has the international leading technology advantage?of stem cell.?