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MEDIPOST is a Korean biotech company who develops and commercializes a stem cell therapeutic using human cord blood derived mesenchymal stem cell (hUCB-MSC). It was founded in Seoul Korea in 2000 and listed on the KOSDAQ in 2005. Focusing on the development of umbilical cord blood storage and stem cell drugs, it is the first enterprise in the world that be approved to use medical stem cell therapy. MEDIPOST has 42 patents, including 21 international patents(US, Europe and China etc.). The company launched CARTISTEM in Korea, the world’s first allogeneic stem cell drug, for treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) in 2012. 

Shandong Jingyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd is located in high-tech development zone of Tai’an, Shandong, focusing on the development and application of biological cell technology. Jingyuan established a long-term strategic cooperative relationships with domestic and international leading R&D institution. As the biological industry becomes a new growth force, the company is supported by the local government, it can enjoy the preferential policies provided by the government.

In view of the increasing GMP qualification requirements of CFDA, Orlife introduces a closed, modular system based on GMP requirements from US. The system has been specially designed and optimized for cell culture, and easily customized according to customer needs. It can be installed in a D level environment and can be easily extended by adding additional modules. The system is certified and complies with GMP requirements for cell therapy in the United States FDA.